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We are a very small parliament with therefore a small number of backbenchers so we dont have the same kind of freedom of thought across all the parties that they have at Westminster. She will have to be forced out. The work of Tommy H- Thats a problem because all political parties, not just the fact that the SNP is in government, but opposition sometimes need people on their backbenches speaking more freely and it doesnt happen in here the way it ought to, I think. There are new readers here, brought by MSM mentions, who arent aware of whats been going on over the past few years. She continued to campaign for this for a number of years, with the line eventually opening between Edinburgh and Tweedbank in 2015. She announces that the report will be put on the record, meaning it is available under FOI 07291783. 12 mins ago A shepherd's daughter, her father travelled for work, so her formal education was limited. Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and every other company in Europe? Date lodged: Wednesday, March 1, 2023, Supported by: Jackie Baillie, Claire Baker, Katy Clark, Rhoda Grant, Richard Leonard, Michael Marra, Pauline McNeill, Carol Mochan, Paul O'Kane, Paul Sweeney It is my understanding that the current Loard Advocate. To unpack that a littlein August 2018 AS successfully crowdfunded for the legal fees to petition the Court of Session for judicial review of a manifestly biased (a now widely-held opinion) civil service procedure,in which his petition was successful in January 2019, however there were no guarantees here. Or could it have been David harvie, the elusive crown agent who used to report to Leslie Evans when she got somebody to give him the unlawful report? Where is he now? Next episode tomorrow 6pm when Andrew Neil and I will talk Salmond.. Sturgeon, under the control of her brit state handlers is out to destroy the SNP. ", 8. This site is the glue that holds us all together. Obfuscation in parts and unconvincing. Fabiani is a wreck in comparison. Unbelievable though, the biggest gig in town and the big cheese doesnt know or control whos doing what or when. [26] She has stated previously she has a harmless neurological tremor, which is hereditary and can cause visible shaking.[27]. How the fuck did all this horrifying madness happen? Ms Grahame was in Holyrood yesterday, but she has maintained a steadfast silence on the issue so far, insisting that she would not comment on anybody's private life. Those are words I never expected to have to say. As the first from a working-class housing scheme in Edinburgh to go to university, Grahame found herself burdened by the feeling she didnt fit in and, she believes, underachieved as a result. [7] Grahame was also re-elected as Convener of the Cross Party Group on Animal Welfare. but McDonalds is open. Contempt of democracy and contempt of a nation. The Bill was approved in principle by 64 votes to five, with 57 abstentions, including Grahame. To date, the case [for abolition] has not been proven beyond reasonable doubt, she says. And now its going to be the gift that keeps on giving. On our side are the folk who really want independence. Gave me a few good sniggers. guilty as hell for attempting to hound Alex Salmond from the possibility of ever re-entering public life, and they MUST now face questions: questions that relate to evidence withheld from parliament; questions designed to bring to the fore what appears to be an attempt to pervert the course of justice; and however long it takes however much it costs we have to know the truth. Surely one of the papers will publish one of the key witness statements currently hidden from the committee shortly? Hearing Holyrood is to: If she goes he goes. Well known for being on the winning side of every political debate and well in touch with the average voter. Exactly the same as the wummin oan her wedding night said tae her man efter seein him naked for the first time, Willie Jay says: Those checks and safeguards were put in place to protect ordinary citizens from the abuse of power. aLurker says: By this time next week, I expect Nicola Sturgeon to be gone and the reputation of Scotland internationally demands this happen now. So hasnt he just said something that will aid jigsaw identification for a lot more people who dont follow Wings or Craig Murray? I would like to work to help change the built environment to make it more sustainable and healthier for . 24 February, 2021 at 9:24 pm It is quite clearly a vexatious intervention presumably intended to manipulate the narrative which Alex Salmond is empowered to deliver. TBH what he said was no answer to any of the questions. Submitted by: Dr. Sandesh Gulhane, Glasgow, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party. So, was he basically telling us that the only interest the COPFS ever had in all this was to mutilate Mr Salmonds and Aberdeins evidence to stop the public knowing that Sturgeon breached the ministerial code? NS, the LA, LL and LE should all just resign now and let Scotland get on with Independence process. "There aren't winners here. I did hear about any extra money for Scotlands schools pro rata Brian Doonthetoon you appear to be obsessed with identifying complainers. I have been privileged to represent the people of Midlothian and the Borders for 22 years in the Scottish Parliament. The date of their initial statement was 17 May 2021. Then ISP or AFI only on the list. The Lord Advocate: Until he commented that the section had been redacted to protect complainers. The difference is significant. Have a look at the Most Read list on the right;, The video isnt working, it cuts out at 6 seconds after calls Jackie bailie.. The old grow lonelier, as the young forego their youth and grow lonelier still. Pertinent questions are starved before birth. Who does he report to now & is it waffle himself? The fact that unionists are making the running on a lot of this doesnt mean the principle is wrong. They get two nibbles. So maybe their questioning wasnt as lame as it might appear. No other concerns were raised, and no other concerns have been raised subsequently. Extra Billion bribe for the DUP in N Ireland Probably tin-hattery but was a thought that crossed my mind. Following yesterdays accusations by AlexSalmond against Nicola Sturgeons govt, I asked the House of Commons what mechanisms we have to ensure that the conduct of the Scottish Government does not bring politics in the whole of the United Kingdom into international disrepute.. Her maternal grandfather was Welsh. In the criminal trial, Ms Hs testimony was trashed because two defence witnesses testified that she wasnt at the dinner, after which the alleged offence took place. We appear to be living in a Sturgeonian dystopia where her popularity insulates her from scrutiny. A lot said but little told. I dont think that there is enough time to go through the electoral commission process before May. Dear Me; Another way, lets put it like that. 6 High Street Its bubbling up. She didnt know who James matthews was quoting yet there were only three people at that first meeting and it certainly wasnt her stooge. Al-Stuart, others have stated upthread that Christine Grahame has benign essential tremor. [19] In May 2009, Grahame visited Megrahi, in Greenock jail. Is this the one we know about, from Lady Dorrian? The current SNP, after the New Labour Blairite model, has become a mostly middleclass enterprise. An array of evidence is compiled. Very badly reported as Salmond v Sturgeon of course. With the absolute disaster that was redactiongate on Tuesday I dont think even the MSM could overlook things from now on. Grahame was the SNP's candidate for Tweeddale, Ettrick and Lauderdale in the 1992 UK General election, but failed to win the seat. Grahame has lodged several questions and motions on this in the Scottish Parliament[23] and continues to be involved with campaign groups on the matter. Wonderful for a new writer. There we have it ladies and gentlemen and all in between. J. Hillis Miller Health Center Location 1600 SW Archer Rd. Because I know there are people in the Labour Party who support the abolition, for instance, of mandatory corroboration, I know it, but they wont speak out. In fact, I will qualify that if I may Re Christine Grahame dont know much about her but I do about parkinsons. And they examine the work of the Scottish Government. They both know it is the end-game now. At the 2021 Scottish Elections I was honoured to be again re-elected as the MSP for Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale constituency. Since entering the Scottish Parliament in 1999 Grahame has picked up a number of causes, notably; For more information see: Borders Railway. I simply could not have put it any better at all. So correct me if Im wrong, a letter was issued by the COPFS, which clearly identifies one of the complainers by insisting on the redaction of 5 paragraphs, and Lord Wolffe states that he had no knowledge of the letter. @Willie Jay Top Holyrood seal clapper and nodding dog is Kevin Stewart MSP. So I found this tiny clip When ultra-unionist (and clueless) Guardian columnists like Martin Kettle are out batting for Nicola then if you cant smell the coffee then you probably have Covid-19. I am definitely no expert, but I think this last attempt at obfuscation, whoever was involved, sealed the COPFS, Nicola and her husband to the recycling bin. 24 February, 2021 at 10:01 pm The first time I was convener, we did inquiries we even did our own Act of Parliament. If anything, the events of the last few months have shown that to be the case. How did the mass Scottish political and legal car crash get to this level of dysfunction? Within next two weeks. And the reason these ScotGov plants AND the Scottish COPFS are trying to suppress Alex Salmonds testimony, is because the manner in which the case was orchestrated against him is ALREADY STANDARD throughout the UK (& beyond) *secret* Family Courts system. Even at age nine, Christine Grahame didnt stay silent for long when she deemed something was wrong. What is going on. In February, MSPs on the committee refused to endorse Scottish Government plans to scrap the centuries-old requirement of corroboration. It now seems so. The other problem I have is the assertion that the redacted evidence is necessary to protect the anonymity of the conspirators, but when comparing the full text with the redacted version, this is patently untrue. A question by Liam Fox, answered by the Speaker. the current trade issues, and the prior brexit WA and TCA negotiations. Strange to come to answer questions with a prepared speech. Bring it on. So, Angus places the lotion in the basket? Is my first impression that you are a genuine bloke, attempting to shine light in dark corners totally wrong? Wolffes performance was amateur farce. It would have been closed down and buried (rather like the Board meeting of Anglia Television got buried) and there would have been no defeat for Sturgeon and her gang. They tend, then, to make cowardly politicians. The murk and muck is really getting to me now and I am having difficulty maintaining politeness for those who still defend the entire mess. He previously served from 2011 to 2016 as Lord Advocate, one of the Great Officers of State of Scotland and the countrys chief Law Officer, and as Solicitor General, the junior Law Officer.[3]. State owned Saudi Aramco it is the seventh largest company in the world by revenue. 2002, B.S. Cath The alleged knee touching allegation aimed at Salmond proved to be false much like many of the criminal accusations. It seems to be disappearing. One can`t help that Sturgeon and co are loosing control of the situation. Did anyone ever tell you what a hard-working, honorable and honest man you are Mr Wings. Those supporting Alex Salmond, Wings Over Scotland, Joanna Cherry, Kenny MacAskill et al. That media characterisation as Salmond vs Sturgeon is simply a general failing of all of the current media, namely that theyre incapable of understanding, handling, or presenting even marginally complicated issues, and so have to reduce everything to a personal level. With that said, if the committee or SPCB go to Lady Dorrian/High Court with all of the evicence (which it may or may not get from the Clown Office) and has the judge give opinion on their lawfulness in respect of the criminal trials anonimity order, then that would clear the way for all of this evidence to be published to the inquiry, evidence which is being witheld & buried by the corrupt Clown Office, Clown Agent and the biggest clown of them all the Lord Advocate. I am sure I am not alone in that. When they are right, they are right. Whatever the outcome of Evil Queen Nic v Honest Scot Alex, surely the Yoons are going to play on this for a long, long time afterwards. Paul Wynn Jan. 12, 2023. A higher prison population is historically typical of countries under colonial domination. I didnt believe a word of it. ", Asked by: Grahame, Christine, Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 11 January 2023, "To ask the Scottish Government what recent discussions it has had with NHS Borders and NHS Lothian. [6] Following her election, she was again selected as Convener of the Justice Committee for the session. The Fabiani Committee have issued a s.24 notice to the Crown Office to produce documents, copies of which are in the possession of Alex Salmond [presumably unused material in the criminal proceedings which was likely to undermine the prosecution case or assist the defence]. Very badly reported as Salmond v Sturgeon of course. Somebody needs to tell those Brit Nat Press and Media whores that Salmond is no longer a member of the SNP for one. And I know I have spoken to people about that whove been in those circumstances. Whether it be sustained questioning over the conviction of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi for the Lockerbie bombing, her bid for SNP deputy leadership a decade ago not, she says, because she wanted the job but rather because she was sick of seeing the same old faces in the frame or in the current debate on the abolition of corroboration in criminal trials, she has not been given to keeping schtum in politics either. Im hanging on until the election or a leadership election, whatever comes first. Most of us would agree, from where we look it surely would never stick? If my experience is anything to go by, this will undoubtedly bring many, many visitors to Midlothian and the Borders as well as encouraging people to stay and live in the area.[13], In late 2015 Grahame became involved in a public dispute with Scottish Borders Council over the siting of the Great Tapestry of Scotland in the constituency. She will not consider quitting. (In 2007 Alex Salmondde-politicised the post and excluded the then-Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, from Cabinet meetings. It is my understanding that the current Loard Advocate apologised for the Malicious Prosecutions fiasco, even though he inhereted the mess from the previous Lord Advocate, who got promoted for it, or something like that! For the record, we thought youshould see what the Scottish Parliament considers to be the appropriate treatment of an Urgent Question. Now we learn that they were instructed by the Lord Advocate, or by something acting through the offices of the Lord Advocate, to make their statements to the police. 24 February, 2021 at 9:43 pm. Someone leaks the report to the Daily Record. Just need to be patient for now. Oh dear, I do not know what to say regarding my previous comment about Christine Grahame. Obviously they could see what was happening with the flawed processes some time ago. Aye right That the COPFS only intention on this was to protect the identity of the accuser is simply not credible. Bottle banks are full while churches are empty. Find out about tours and events at the Scottish Parliament. In June 2005, she was elected Honorary President of the Federation of Student Nationalists. If all these people in Holyrood are as fkn dumb as the ones I have seen over the last few weeks fk me I am up for a place in that fkn Circus whats not to like Free Money for talking shite , Christ my wife says I talk shite every day but I dont get payed lots of cash for it , How do I apply only drawback might be the swearing but I guess I will get used to it l. Does Nicola Sturgeon wear false eye-lashes? If so, she has a neurological condition called Benign Essential Tremor. In the 1994 European Parliament election, she contested the South of Scotland constituency, again unsuccessfully. At 76, Christine Grahame has become the oldest MSP ever to be elected to Holyrood, winning 19,807 votes. At the 1999 Scottish Parliament election she ran for the Tweeddale, Ettrick and Lauderdale constituency. Just watched Sturgeons soundbite on Sky News, baiting AS with her square-go style. 24 February, 2021 at 9:29 pm It is not a universal feature, though, she suggests. In this election, she increased her majority to 6,826. [1] Her nomination was confirmed by the Scottish Parliament on 1 June 2016. A Bill is a proposed Act of the Scottish Parliament. A. We know they were reluctant to go to the police. Try every dirty legal trick in the book. Oh good, Guardian columnists. My bet is on the MI5 crown agent. the 2 month long vaccination program is going so well? i.e. That arse wipe Spear on Twitter has just accused Alex Salmond of a abuse of Power where is yer evidence Mr Spear it is a mister isnt it ? She passes the dossier to the police, who refuse it. I suppose we shouldnt be surprised but its still a shock to find ourselves in this situation. On, Christine is listed as a successful Politician who was born in the year of 1944. I appreciate he will not be questioned directly on it & if he sidestep into the redacted area LF will try to silence him. THE UK Government has announced plans to spend millions on projects across Scotland by working directly with local authorities.. Thankfully in this case there WAS no message. Although she was unsuccessful, she was elected as an additional member of the South of Scotland region. Find out how to adopt this simple step into your daily oral health regimen. This rhetoric is devastating for womens trust in reporting sexual harassment + abuse.. She cannot help it and it is difficult to treat. You post a story, well over 5 and a half years old, pointing somehow to an Alex Salmond SpAd who was then seeking a job as an SNP candidate. The dividends of which are now starting to arrive by the bucket load. Following his discussion from his legal team, AS is a smart, knowledgeable & courageous man. He wont get promoted like he thinks. This news has been on the WWW for ages but not reported in the MSM. You have to wonder who wrote those answers for him to read, judging by the pile of exaggerate and obsequious sickly flowery waffle directed towards the COPFS. You know how we are supposed to forget the 100 sheer How much worse can it get? She can really be really effective when she needs to. My concern is we want cases that get to court and have a chance of success., Given the Lord Bonomy review into additional safeguards is not expected to report until early 2015, can anything possibly assuage her concerns between now and the Bill going before the chamber at Stage 3? These people are not here now. Ive tried to remain calm. Not only does the trust in the Scottish government, but also the trust in parliament and more importantly for the British state, the trust in the crown that sponsors COPFS and the lord advocate, is at stake here. Dr. Christine D. Graham is a pediatrician in Tucson, Arizona. Without asking awkward questions. Please have respect for the Rev & think before you press submit. Watch the bit of the briefing again and youll see what I mean. We are the inheritors. Did I hear bodies being thrown under a bus by Wolfie? Christine Grahame (Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale) (SNP): "No strikes. [2] Grahame was brought up in Edinburgh, attending Boroughmuir High School. Liked by Christine Grahame Ford has announced that it is returning to Formula 1 from 2026. The answer is obvious Wolffe has little control over the COPFS and he is being sidelined. Same as her boss. They will be told harrowing tales about Ms 1. I just keep thinking, this must go deeper and be more insidious than we think, for them to keep digging the hole deeper, and deeper. I think we must be getting close to a stage where she might consider resigning in a Ive done nothing wrong but this is clearly now providing too big a distraction to my government and the independence movement type non-apology resignation, rather than styling it out much longer to have to resign in clear disgrace. I am always happy to hear your views. At 2:35 the reference to the order from the High Court. At the forefront of the backlash are to be newly empowered minority groups set-upon by right-wing white heterosexual males, who as well as being the key to OWNING the streets (the roots of any fledgling dictatorship) are themselves being mass emasculated to simultaneously make them more susceptible to State and societal subservience; which upon #ToryAnalyticas own militarisation trigger #OpFukuglaschu was (is) in the process of guilt-shaming demoralised and depressed young men to be handed their #PatrioticPoverty purpose on a plate and *channelled* to find their meaning in an #AusterityArmy uniform in order to begin the mobilisation of a truly global, 21st century fascism. Bernaith smiles and catches his sneeze to protect the house of cards. She then took a back seat, whilst the two original complainants came forward (A and B in the civil case, who became different Alphabetties in the criminal case.). Keep it up stu, we need you more than ever! My mothers lesson about if youre not prepared to say or do something, I dont want to hear about it has remained with me sometimes to my cost that if something really is wrong, I spoke out, she says. list of delta force operators killed,