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The vocal key used in "All Eyes On Me" could be meant to represent depression, an outside force that is rather adept at convincing our minds to simply stay in bed, to not care, and to not try anymore. Burnham then kicks back into song, still addressing his audience, who seem unsure of whether to laugh, applaud, or sit somberly in their chairs. And maybe the rest of us are ready, too. Performing "Make Happy" was mentally taxing on Burnham. The penultimate song "All Eyes on Me" makes for a particularly powerful moment. On May 30, 2022, Burnham uploaded the video Inside: The Outtakes, to his YouTube channel, marking a rare original upload, similar to how he used his YouTube channel when he was a teenager. Parasocial relationships are neutral, and how we interact with them is usually a mixed bag. Burnham skewers himself as a virtue-signaling ally with a white-savior complex, a bully and an egoist who draws a Venn diagram and locates himself in the overlap between Weird Al and Malcolm X. Bo Burnham's new Netflix comedy special "Inside" is jam-packed with references to his previous work. BURNHAM: (Singing) Start a rumor, buy a broom or send a death threat to a Boomer. The comedians lifetime online explains the heart of most of his new songs, I made you some content, comedian Bo Burnham sings in the opening moments of his new Netflix special, Inside. When the song starts, the camera sitting in front of Burnham's mirror starts slowing zooming in, making the screen darker and darker until you (the audience member at home) are sitting in front of the black mirror of your screen. Burnham's growth is admirable, but also revealing of how little we expect from men in the industry. Bo Burnham: Inside, was written, edited, and directed by the talent himself and the entire show is shot in one room. So this is how it ends. But unlike many of us, Burnham was also hard at work on a one-man show directed, written and performed all by himself. The song brings with it an existential dread, but Burnham's depression-voice tells us not to worry and sink into nihilism. The first comes when Burnham looks directly into the camera as he addresses the audience, singing, Are you feeling nervous? As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. Bo Burnham: INSIDE | Trailer - YouTube 0:00 / 2:09 The following content may contain suicide or self-harm topics. "I didn't perform for five years," he says. Then, of course, the aspect ratio shrinks again as the white woman goes back to posting typical content. The song untangles the way we view peoples social media output as the complete vision of who they are, when really, we cannot know the full extent of someones inner world, especially not just through social media. . I have a funky memory and I sometimes can't remember things from something I've watched, even if it was just yesterday. WebBo Burnham is more than a comedian he's a writer-director-actor who first went viral in 2006. People experiencing depression often stop doing basic self-care tasks, like showering or laundry or brushing their teeth. The fun thing about this is he started writing it and recording it early on, so you get to see clips of him singing it both, you know, with the short hair and with the long hair - when he had just started this special and when he was finishing it. Netflix. But look, I made you some content. Its an uncanny, dystopian view of Burnham as an instrument in the soulless game of social media. Burnham reacts to his reaction of the song, this time saying, Im being a little pretentious. Today We'll Talk About That Day Who Were We Running From? So we broke down each song and sketch and analyzed their meaning and context. Well now the shots are reversed. '", "Robert's been a little depressed, no!" Most creator-made content online is available for free, meaning creators usually have to rely on their fans for income via crowdfunding like Patreon. It has extended versions of songs, cut songs, and alternate versions of songs that were eventually deleted; but is mainly comprised of outtakes. Netflix Now get inside.". Audiences who might not read a 1956 essay by researchers about news anchors still see much of the same discussion in Inside. A weekly roundup of the best things from Polygon, By submitting your email, you agree to our, Bo Burnhams Inside begs for our parasocial awareness, Sign up for the While sifting through fan reactions to Inside, the YouTube algorithm suggested I watch a fan-made video that pitch corrects All Eyes on Me to Burnhams actual voice. At the forefront of this shift has been Bo Burnham, one of YouTubes earliest stars, who went on to make his own innovative specials with satirical songs backed by theatrical lighting and disembodied voices. The whole video is filmed like one big thirst trap as he sweats and works out. begins with the question "Is it mean?" Relieved to be done? The clean, tidy interior that first connected "Inside" with "Make Happy" is gone in its place is a mess-riddled space. With menacing horror movie sound effects and hectic, dreamy camerawork, what becomes clear is Burnhams title has a double meaning: referring to being inside not just a room, but also his head. The aesthetic telegraphs authenticity and vulnerability, but the specials stunning final shots reveal the misdirection at work, encouraging skepticism of the performativity of such realism. The title card appears in white, then changes to red, signaling that a camera is recording. And it has a lot of very clever and very quick wordplay about the specific things you can get on the internet. As we explained in this breakdown of 31 details you might have missed in "Inside," Bo Burnham's newest special is a poioumenon a type of artistic work that tells the story of its own creation. This is a heartbreaking chiding coming from Burnham's own distorted voice, as if he's shaming himself for sinking back into that mental state. The voices of the characters eventually blend together to tell the live Burnham on stage, We think we know you.. LINDA HOLMES, BYLINE: Thank you, Michel. "And so today I'm gonna try just getting up, sitting down, going back to work. Not putting a name on parasocial relationships makes the theme less didactic, more blurred while still being astutesuch sharp focus on the eyes, you dont notice the rest of the face fades into shades of blue. Then comes the third emotional jump scare. We're a long way from the days when he filmed "Comedy" and the contrast shows how fruitless this method of healing has been. Next in his special, Burnham performs a sketch song about being an unpaid intern, and then says he's going to do a "reaction" video to the song in classic YouTube format. Mirroring the earlier scene where Burnham went to sleep, now Burnham is shown "waking up.". Inside is a tricky work that for all its boundary-crossing remains in the end a comedy in the spirit of neurotic, self-loathing stand-up. HOLMES: That was NPR's Linda Holmes reviewing Bo Burnham's new Netflix special "Inside." "Any Day Now" The ending credits. @TheWoodMother made a video about how Burnham's "Inside" is its own poioumenon, which led to his first viral video on YouTube, written in 2006, is about how his whole family thinks he's gay, defines depersonalization-derealization disorder, "critical window for action to prevent the effects of global warming from becoming irreversible.". He points it at himself as he sways, singing again: Get your fuckin hands up / Get on out of your seat / All eyes on me, all eyes on me.. He takes a break in the song to talk about how he was having panic attacks on stage while touring the "Make Happy" special, and so he decided to stop doing live shows. See our analysis of the end of the special, and why Burnham's analogy for depression works so well. Please check your email to find a confirmation email, and follow the steps to confirm your humanity. Bo Burnhams latest Netflix special, Inside, is a solo venture about the comedian and filmmakers difficult experience in quarantine thats earned enthusiastic critical acclaim. "You say the whole world's ending, honey it already did, you're not gonna slow it, heaven knows you tried. Exploring mental health decline over 2020, the constant challenges our world faces, and the struggles of life itself, Bo Burnham creates a wonderful masterpiece to explain each of these, both from general view and personal experience. So in "Inside," when we see Burnham recording himself doing lighting set up and then accidentally pull down his camera was that a real blooper he decided to edit in? But in both of those cases, similarity and connection would come from the way the art itself connects people, not any actual tie between Burnham and myself, Burnham and the commenter. The label of parasocial relationship is meant to be neutral, being as natural and normal and, frankly, inescapable as familial or platonic relationships. For the song "Comedy," Burnham adopts a persona adjacent to his real life self a white male comedian who is driven to try and help make the world a better place. Disclosure: Mathias Dpfner, CEO of Business Insider's parent company, Axel Springer, is a Netflix board member. In the worst case, depression can convince a person to end their life. Poioumenon (from the Greek word for "product") is a term created by author Alastair Fowler and usually used to refer to a kind of metafiction. . In this time-jumping dramedy, a workaholic who's always in a rush now wants life to slow down when he finds himself leaping ahead a year every few hours. Using cinematic tools other comics overlook, the star (who is also the director, editor and cameraman) trains a glaring spotlight on internet life mid-pandemic. He's freely admitting that self-awareness isn't enough while also clearly unable to move away from that self-aware comedic space he so brilliantly holds. And so I think he's always had that stubborn insistence on holding both of those things in his head at the same time. "I was a kid who was stuck in his room, there isn't much more to say about it. But in recent years, theres been enough awareness of online behavior to see how parasocial relationships can have negative impacts on both the creator and the audience if left uninterrogated by both parties. Social media; it's just the market's answer to a generation that demanded to perform so the market said, here, perform. Most of the comments talk about how visceral it is to hear Burnhams real voice singing the upsetting lyrics. As he shows in this new sketch, he's aware at a meta level that simply trying to get ahead of the criticism that could be tossed his way is itself a performance sometimes. The frame is intimate, and after such an intense special, something about that intimacy feels almost dangerous, like you should be preparing for some kind of emotional jump scare. Get up. Bo Burnhams Inside begs for our parasocial awareness The comedians lifetime online explains the heart of most of his new songs By Wil Williams @wilw_writes Jun 28, 2021, 11:01am EDT BO BURNHAM: (Singing) If you'd have told me a year ago that I'd be locked inside of my home, I would have told you a year ago, interesting, now leave me alone. TikTok creator @TheWoodMother made a video about how Burnham's "Inside" is its own poioumenon thanks to the meta scenes of Burnham setting up lights and cameras, not to mention the musical numbers like "Content" and "Comedy" that all help to tell the story of Burnham making this new special. But by the end of the tune, his narrative changes into irreverence. On the simplest level, Inside is the story of a comic struggling to make a funny show during quarantine and gradually losing his mind. hoot and holler ranch texas,